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At Blade-Logic our team is our greatest asset!

We are knowledgeable and compassionate people who are exited about helping people and improving lives. We genuinely care for our community.
Greg Howe, CEO


Greg HoweGreg has been working with technology in some form or other since he was a teenager. His experience begins in the dinosaur days of the pre-internet with modems and phone lines. He ran the longest continuous single line Bulletin Board System (BBS) in upstate NY in the 90's. From there he did stints at an Internet Service Provider (ISP) during the dot com boom (And subsequent crash), was a technical instructor teaching skills in the office suite, as well as certification bearing classes, worked for a large college as a systems administrator, several non-profit companies as the point person for thousands of users, and a national retail giant. His skill sets include server and network administration, education and teachable technology, non-profits, security and compliance, and the ability to listen, which, arguably is the MOST important.

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Phone: (413) 213-6642

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